Visit to the Ted

This post will re-visit one of our first visits to the new ball park circa 1998, I honestly can’t remember if it was the first or second full year of the new park or not. But, I was on a date with a girl that I had met from work and we were doing a double with her friend and another guy. It was great weather that night in June and I remember it quite well because it was a first date and¬†somewhat awkward! friend ¬†at Gwinnett Bankruptcy Attorney was there and we ran into each other at the Chophouse. Anyway, this night ended up being a unique and fullfilling baseball night and great game to be at, especially the seats we had.

We were walking down the aisle to get to our seats close to the third base side, and I remember thinking wow, i think these are going to be pretty close to the foul fence right here. You know how you look at your tickets, look at the seating rows, and you can kind of put two and two together..So, we got down to about five rows up from the fence and sat down in our seats. My date and I went up and grabbed a soda and some popcorn Continue reading “Visit to the Ted”

Turner Field Fun

Welcome to my new Blog. We are going to explore the world of Turner Field in Atlanta, GA where the Atlanta Braves play their baseball games up until the 2019 season. The field was built and funded primarily by billionaire businessman Ted Turner for his beloved Atlanta Braves baseball club. After a great start to the nineteen ninety’s with several national league championship pennants and a world series win in nineteen ninety five, the Atlanta Braves were getting a new cutting edge stadium. The fans had wanted a new stadium for years leading up to ‘The Ted” being built and they got their wish with a new stadium in 1998. By the way you can call Towing Lawrenceville, Ga for any towing needs in the gwinnett county area, even during a Braves game!

Turner Field is still an excellent baseball stadium and we have had lots of great memories there. I am not real sure of the politics that have taken place over the last few years that have led to a new stadium being built for the braves outside of Atlanta in Cobb county. But, a new stadium is underway and will be ready Continue reading “Turner Field Fun”